The main goal for it would be a selfish way for me to note how many films I have watched over the years and a tool for finding that movie deserving a re-watch that I greatly enjoyed, but had forgotten.  The blog will go into several posts about past, present and future films spanning all genres, look into upcoming trailers and my thoughts and experiences about film.  This is even reflected in the title as it tells about how old the majority of films that will be discussed will be.  The blog would be a compendium of my history of film and how they have affected my view of life and sense of humor.  If the blog continued all the way to the Oscars or Golden globe awards then there would be a several blogs on predictions for each category and deserving stars.  By blogging my thoughts and opinions about film and putting them on the internet would allow for me to combine and link them together while creating a place for people to discuss their own thoughts.  No more having to ask your friends of “what movie should I watch?” and only be given a list of some of the recent blockbusters that most likely everybody has already seen.  Everybody has those films that they love, but there comes a time when people have too many that they also can’t recommend anything.  This way the blog allows for a possible timeline through film with my enthusiasm and idea of what a great film is.  The audience would be targeted towards a young to middle aged audience where they would be interested in the latest blockbuster films that all their friends would been seeing, but also to recommend the hidden gems that they would have never found by themselves.  Not just limiting to the films that were seen in theaters, but review  Blu-ray/DVD releases so that people can see if they are worth keeping on hard copy or digital download.  Anybody older I would assume would not have to check up on what movies were good twenty years ago as they have already developed their own sense of what a good film is to them and can see what they like.  The style of the writing would need to attract people’s attention when looking for a good film.  The blogs would have to be short and straightforward to the point, while not giving away too much that would defeat the purpose of watching the film and funny enough to keep the reader to read the blog instead of going to a another site with a percentage review.  To accomplish these goals the blog has to be very voice driven and personal.  After reading some of my posts, hopefully they will understand the type of films I like and compare how their tastes to mine.  The next time somebody asks their friend about a movie recommendation, they might think back to this blog.         


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